Marine Boat Services and Upgrades

Boat Window Tinting

At East Coast Window Tint Auto, Marine and Commercial LLC, we specialize in boat window tinting for single-pane glass. Our high-quality films reduce up to 85% of the sun’s solar heat, keeping your boat cooler during hot summer days.

Additionally, our films block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting passengers from skin and eye damage, as well as preventing marine interior fading and cracking. Trust our professional installation to enhance the comfort and longevity of your boat.

Custom Boat Lighting

Elevate your boat’s ambiance and functionality with our custom boat lighting services. We offer a variety of lighting options to suit your preferences and needs, ensuring your marine vessel stands out on the water.

From accent lighting to navigation lights, our team of professionals will help you create a unique and inviting atmosphere for your boat.

Audio and Video Upgrades

Enhance your boating experience with state-of-the-art audio and video upgrades. Our team can install the latest marine-grade audio systems, ensuring crystal-clear sound and entertainment while you’re on the water.

We also offer high-quality video systems, perfect for watching movies or catching the big game during your next boating excursion.

Boat Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Keep your boat looking pristine with our professional detailing and ceramic coating services. Our experts will meticulously clean and polish your boat’s exterior and interior, removing dirt, grime, and stains.

We also offer high-quality ceramic coating services, providing a durable and protective layer to your boat’s surface, ensuring it stays looking like new for years to come.

Boat Wraps

Transform your boat’s appearance with our custom boat wraps. Our team will work with you to design and install a unique and eye-catching wrap for your marine vessel.

Boat wraps not only provide a personalized touch but also offer added protection from the elements, helping to preserve your boat’s finish.

Get Started on Our Services

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