Our Trusted
Car Tinting & Auto Services

At East Coast Window Tint Auto, Marine and Commercial LLC, we specialize in providing automotive services to our clients in Suffolk County. Our range of services includes audio and electronics upgrades, such as

  • Car Radios
  • Sound Systems
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Remote Start Installations

We aim to enhance your driving experience by offering the latest technology and ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle’s existing systems.

Interior Lighting and Window Tinting

In addition to our automotive services, we offer interior lighting and window tinting services for vehicles, marine vessels, and commercial establishments.

Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with you to determine the best lighting and window tinting solutions to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Window Film Options

We understand that every client has specific requirements when it comes to window film. That’s why we offer a variety of film options to choose from, including basic film, carbon-based film, and ceramic-based film.

Each type of film provides a unique set of benefits, from enhanced privacy to increased energy efficiency and UV protection.

UV Transitional Tinted Windows

Our UV transitional tinted windows are designed to provide a clearer visual at night and automatically darken with the brighter sun during the day.

This innovative technology ensures optimal visibility and comfort while driving, as well as added protection from harmful UV rays.

Got Questions? Let’s Talk!

Ready to enhance your vehicle with our high-quality window tinting and customization services?

Visit our contact page to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of working with East Coast Window Tint Auto, Marine and Commercial LLC. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and exceptional solutions to meet your unique needs.